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Qualifier #5 July 16 Winners

Brad Koehler & Ed Broaddrick 16.42 lbs. $3,641.00 Total Winnings!

Congratulations Mike Juby & Levi Juby - Jackpot #21 winners with 14.97 lbs.

Hey Guys! We will be taking entries at the Osage Casino Banquet Room Starting at 5:30pm. You MUST register by Friday night or you will miss the tournament! We will have dinner at 6:00pm and the Calcutta begins shortly after that. See you there. Thanks Again! Fish On!!!

Next Jackpot: March 2024

First Cast:


Next Main Event: Saturday November 11 & 12

Entrees taken at Osage Casino Friday 5:30pm

First Cast: 6:30am

Sat. Check-In: 4:00pm

Sun. Check-In: 3:00pm

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2023 Official Tournament Schedule

All Qualifier Tournaments are $100.00 per Team/Boat
Championship is $200.00 per Team/Boat
February26 February Qualifier #1Winners - Tyler Latty & Randy Osborn Results
April02 April Qualifier #2Winners - Doug Sims Dan Burdett Results
June03 June Qualifier #3Winners - Brad Shields/Alan D’eath Results
June25 June Q4 Todd Perkins MemorialWinners - Tyler Latty Randy Osborn Results
July16 July Qualifier #5Winners - Brad Koehler Ed Broaddrick Results
November11 & Championship Register
2023 Fat Baggers
Steve Vann Jim Vann- 104.38lbs.

2023 Official Jackpot Schedule

All Jackpot Tournaments are $40.00 per Team/Boat
March15 Jackpot #1Winners - Austin McSperitt Matthew Watts Results Permit
March22 Jackpot #2Winners - Mike Bryant/Blake Beaver Results Permit
March29 Jackpot #3Winners - Jay Young/Trace Fleischman Results Permit
April05 Jackpot #4Winners - Jeff Gomez/Sean Fullerton Results Permit
April12 Jackpot #5Winners - Mike Bryant Jerry Eubanks Results Permit
April19 Jackpot #6Winners - Shawn Delong/Xavier Purdue Results Permit
April26 Jackpot #7Winners - Jagger Park Results Permit
May03 Jackpot #8Winners - Darrin Willhite/Robin Bias Results
May10 Jackpot #9Winners - Eddie Bruckner/Tim Timmerman Results
May17 Jackpot #10Winners - Robert Park/Jagger Park Results Permit
May24 Jackpot #11Winners - TJ Martin/Ed Brady Results Permit
May31 Jackpot #12Winners - Seth Canady/Brady Canady Results Permit
June07 Jackpot #13Winners - Darrin Willhite Results Permit
June14 Jackpot #14Winners - Dana Boling Michael Boling Results
June21 Jackpot #15Winners - Jeremy Bersche/Bethany Bersche Results
June28 Jackpot #16Winners - Jeremy Bersche/Bethany Bersche Results
July05 Jackpot #17Winners - Darrell Hilligoss Mike Bartlett Results
July12 Jackpot #18Winners - Robin Bias Results
July19 Jackpot #19Winners - Jeremy Bersche/Bethany Bersche Results
July26 Jackpot #20Winners - Scott Epps Dax Epps Results Permit
August02 Jackpot #21Winners - Mike Juby/Levi Juby Results Permit
As of Qualifier #4
167 - Steve Vann/Jim Vann964
123 - Tyler Latty/Randy Osborn964
352 - Jeremy Bersche/Bethany Bersche946
452 - Darrin Willhite/Jake Willhite927
51 - TJ Martin/Ed Brady919
634 - Rodney Moyers/Charles Parker913
662 - Brad Tilman/Ronnie Hopkins913
824 - Kieth Hilligoss/Kenny Tate910
966 - Brad Koehler/Ed Broaddrick897
912 - Curtis Dewitt Rusty Lanier895

23 - Tyler Latty/Randy Osborn 964 pts
67 - Steve Vann/Jim Vann 964 pts
Tyler Latty
Randy Osborn
Darrin Willhite
Jeremy Bersche
9.68 lbs.

Darrin Willhite
9.51 lbs.
July Qualifier #5
166-Brad Koehler Ed Broaddrick16.42 lbs.
276-Robin Bias Greg Owen15.75 lbs.
354-Jeremy Bersche Bethany Bersche15.28 lbs.
469-Doug Juby/Wyatt Juby 13.20 lbs.
551-Houa Xiong Kong Xiong12.64 lbs.
6131-Seth Canady/Brady Canady11.65 lbs.
734-Rodney Moyers Charles Parker10.09 lbs.
852-Darrin Willhite Jake Willhite9.75 lbs.
967-Steve Vann Jim Vann8.97 lbs.
1053-Gary Conrad/Jim Brock8.34 lbs.
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February Winners!
Tyler Latty & Randy Osborn

February 2nd Place
Scott Wheeler

What a Bass 9.68 lbs!
Jeremy "Big Bass" Bersche

Jackpot #1 Winners
Austin McSperritt &
Matthew Watts

Jackpot #2 Winners
Mike Bryant &
Blake Beaver

Jackpot #13 Winner
Darrin Willhite &
Huge Bass!

Todd Perkins Memorial Winners
Tyler Latty & Randy Osborn

Houa Xiong & Kong Xiong

Wyatt & Doug Juby

Mathew Watts

Mike Bryant Big Fish

Behtany & Jeremy Bersche