The Sunglasses you wear could earn you $$$

Win $100.00 bonus money in each Qualifier & $600.00 in the Championship just for wearing a pair of Popticals® Pop-Out Sunglasses while you fish!

Any angler that provides proof of purchase of a pair of Popticals® Pop-Out sunglasses is eligible to win a $100.00 bonus during each of the remaining regular season qualifying tournaments (June 2nd, June 30th & July 14th of 2018) and a $600.00 bonus at the TAG Championship October 13-14. You can purchase a pair from Bill’s Marine. Just show your proof of purchase to TJ Martin or Mike Ramey and you are set! Oh and you must be wearing your glasses at the weigh-in.
For more information on your new pair of Popticals® Sunglasses go to: